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Why work with me?

Professional values

My work philosophy is based on client trust and satisfaction. It is based on delivering high-quality personalised services, tailored to the client’s individual needs, to ensure that their interests are best served. Below is a summary of the premises and values that define my work.


About Me

Thanks to the experience gained over 15 years working in prestigious law firms (Garrigues and Baker & McKenzie), I can offer high-quality legal services to help you achieve your goals. Enjoy the specialist knowledge of a large firm while benefiting from personalised treatment at a one-person law firm.


Practice areas

My educational background and career have been focused on the specialist areas of litigation law, insolvency law, commercial law and property law. I am also a fully qualified Estate Agent registered with the Barcelona Association of Estate Agents. You can entrust me with your legal and property affairs and rest assured that your interests will always be protected and duly taken care of. I am fully and objectively committed to every matter that is entrusted to me and seek to be your most trusted legal advisor.



In legal matters, trust is a value that is earned day by day. I offer direct, personalised attention, without intermediaries, to adapt to your interests and needs. I believe that the relationship between a client and their lawyer does not need to be formal or rigid, but focused on maintaining friendly and open communication.



A lawyer’s conduct must be honest and honourable to provide full transparency in clients’ affairs. I will provide you with objective advice based on applicable laws and regulations, together with all the legal and context information you need to make decisions. You will always have all the necessary data and information on the legal strategy, consequences and cost of the services.