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Practice areas

Legal services for companies and individuals in litigation, insolvency, commercial and property law.

I have an extensive track record as a lawyer practising litigation, civil, commercial and property law.

I possess substantial experience in both in court and out-of-court dispute resolution. I have been involved in the resolution of numerous civil, commercial and property disputes, including contractual and tort disputes, claims for non-payments, corporate disputes, evictions and construction defect claims.

In addition, my legal practice has encompassed insolvency proceedings and providing advice for both debtors and creditors.

I have also provided comprehensive legal assistance on property matters.

What do you need?

Litigation law
Legal advice in disputes, ranging from the out-of-court stage to the representation and defence of clients’ interests before the Courts of Justice.
Insolvency Law
Comprehensive assistance throughout the different stages of insolvency proceedings, including designing and implementing the most appropriate strategy for each case.
Commercial Law
Advice on corporate matters, which covers the formation, acquisition, demerger, liquidation and dissolution of companies, as well as the drafting of all types of commercial contracts. --)
Property Law
Advice and management in all kinds of operations and transactions related to the property market, including the drafting and review of property contracts. --)
Property Services
‘Personal shopper’ service for locating properties, and support throughout the process and procedures involved until the property operation is completed. -)

About Me

I hold a B.A. in Law and I am an Estate Agent with extensive experience in litigation, civil, commercial and property law. I have 15 years’ experience working in leading law firms. How I can help you?


I will keep you up to date with the latest legal developments, including new legislation, regulatory changes, etc. You will receive advice on how to defend your legal interests. You will have access to quality content written from the perspective of a legal specialist!